Maintaining Your Health After Learning That You Have HIV

If your health is in peril, due to sickness or diseases, what do you do? Read on to understand that there are simple acts that you can perform to improve your overall wellbeing.



Stress can significantly affect the human body since it produces chemicals that damage the immune system and makes it prone to infection and diseases. The possibility of avoiding stress may be little, but being able to manage it is the critical thing. Strive for different ways, and you’ll discover the best means to help you relieve the stress. Soon you’ll be able to engage it in your routine.

One thing the researchers noted is that across several species, stressed individuals benefit from being comforted by others; the downside is that the act of consoling another (be it another person or, in this study, another mouse) can transmit both stress and its effects to the one doing the consoling. — Traci Stein, PhD, MPH

Psychological (Mental) Health


All of the aspects mentioned above may have an impact on your mental status. With this fact, it is right to say that health is more than just seeing the physical appearance; but taking into consideration the social, physical, mental and spiritual aspects, which are interrelated with one another. It would be great advice to ask for therapeutic guidance in dealing with mental health issues.


Alcoholism may be genetically passed onto the offspring, while chemical processes inside the body may cause some forms of addiction. Addiction is portrayed in many types. The most popular forms are alcohol and drug addiction. There are different ways on how to treat addiction depending on its degree. The primary stem is to recognize that you are suffering from it and you need guidance to help you get over it.


Depression is one of the main effects of having HIV. By identifying the root cause, there will be a successful treatment of depression. When in the state of depression, you need to get a lot of sleep, monitor your nutrition and do some exercise. Others may choose to intake antidepressants, while others only want companion from the people around them and performing activities that they enjoy.

Since the 1980s, Dr. Lee S. Berk, a researcher at Loma Linda University, has found laughter has amazing benefits. She discovered laughter can mobilize the relaxation response in the body by decreasing stress hormones and stimulating the release of feel-good endorphins. — Michelle Kukla, PsyD

Self-Esteem And Emotional Outlook

Another unifying factor for HIV survivors is there well-being philosophy. Seeking a therapist may also improve the emotional perspective and self-confidence of a person. Meanwhile, others may opt for searching their soul or working out to improve body built. Being able to embrace negativities and enjoy is one of the philosophies of well-being.

Spiritual Health


Being able to define spirituality with a majority of the people would be difficult since it is very different from each one. Every individual has his unique way of exploring his spirituality. However, many people have attributed it as a religion, when in fact, it is not. Examining the faith, life and actions of an individual constitute spiritual health. Personal spiritual decisions don’t matter. What matters is being able to live life in line with your own beliefs.

Emotions become an issue when they are overwhelming, inappropriate for the situation, or we experience negative ones too often. Many of our difficulties with emotions come from the way we think about the world, things around us, things that happened to us, and so forth. — Monica Lake, PsyD

Social Health

Personal relationships are only the ways on how to assess social health. It also encompasses one’s bond with their communities. Participating in huge group tasks or being present on large social events doesn’t guarantee healthy social health. However, forming fruitful and meaningful relationships does. Therefore, one should engage more in community activities and try to express love and support to the people around him or her.

Of course, it is important to sleep at least 8 hours each day. You also have to eat healthily from now on and maybe, ask your doctor of meal plans to follow. Exercise is also essential as it helps in body regulation.


Creating strategies for better overall health supplies a sturdy building block by which strategy for fighting against HIV disease is formed. There are differences between health, medication, and healing. Medications aid in certain biological conditions, health is a practice, while healing is a procedure. Drugs play a significant role in the entire health strategy of an individual, but they are only a small piece of a larger picture of a person’s health.

Following these health guidelines will bring you nowhere but total physical wellness. It takes time, discipline and perseverance to do this but in the end, the result is priceless. It is also advised that these routines should be followed in the soonest time possible, the younger, the better so that fatal health issues would be taken out of the probability.

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