Why Should You Carry Your Extra Pounds With Confidence?

Losing weight is not always the answer.  The size of your waistline should not dictate confidence and self-esteem.  You deserve more than that because your beauty does not depend on the size of the pants you wear.

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Confidence is a mindset which you must develop for your well-being.  For the better version of you should not be dictated by the numbers on the weighing scale but the beautiful thoughts that are filling your brain.

The basic idea behind intrinsic motivation is that you feel internally driven. Following along with the idea that this is the kind of motivation that will promote long-term healthy habits is a related notion. — Deborah R. Glasofer Ph.D.

Lack Of Confidence Holds You Back

When you are not confident with your look, you stop.  You stay in your comfort zone so you won’t feel uncomfortable.  You try to justify why you don’t want to progress.  You hold back on your career, on your relationship, on enjoying activities you’ve been dreaming of doing.   You even won’t dare touch some clothes which you wished you could wear.

Not all who tried their best in diets and exercise succeed in getting rid of those excess weight.  If all else fail, you can’t just be burdened by it forever.   Your excess baggage should not serve as some kind of misfortune.   Don’t let it hold you back.  What you look on the outside should not dictate what you must feel in the inside.  Never let self-doubt peeps in.  Don’t get disappointed with yourself to the point that you don’t recognize anymore who’s that person inside of you.

I struggled when out of the blue I gained a bunch of weight.  The clothes I used to wear won’t fit anymore.  Insecurity eats me up.  I would make up excuses not to go out on date nights.  Until I realized, the once confident me is now gone.  I feel like, physically, I’m not me anymore; mentally and emotionally, a stranger I never thought existed inside of me is stealing the scene.

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Weight Becomes Everything

Traveling the path of insecurity is hurtful, disturbing, and harmful.  I lost my perspective.  I let a job opportunity pass me by.  It’s time to stop and bang my head a little on the wall.  I got to get back on track.  To do that, I have to accept the reality that this is the new me.   I welcomed my extra pounds with a new mindset.  It’s a tough journey, but slowly it made me feel great.  I throw away the clothes that won’t fit me and buy new ones that I could wear comfortably.  Slowly, I no longer feel suffocated.

The thought “I’m not as smart as other people at this meeting” can result in great distress and limit our verbal exchanges. However, we can change the way we think by asking ourselves if what we are thinking is true, helpful, or kind. — Monica Lake, PsyD

Confidence Empowers

I realized it was just me who had become so hard on myself.  There’s no truth to my belief that all eyes are on me and that they would notice.  Well actually, some of my friends and officemates did, but most didn’t.  Some even liked my new look.  The moment I changed the way I think about myself, I heard comments about how I glowed.  They are asking me what my new beauty secret is.

Slouching is what makes you unattractive, not the fats in your body.  Proper posture and genuine smile cover up for the excess pounds, making you more desirable, attractive, and confident.  People get attracted to you more because of your confidence and positive outlook.  It’s your brain and attitude that matters more rather than the skinny body you walked in the room with.

You gained other’s trust and confidence because you’ve shown them that you are worth trusting.

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Confidence Unlimited

Confidence resides in all shapes and sizes.  A sincere guy will come to you not because you are physically attractive, but because you know yourself, enabling you to carry yourself with confidence.  He is interested in knowing you at a deeper level.   But most guys who are physically attracted to you only want to get you laid.

If numbers – weight, pant size, calories burned, duration of the workout, or distance accomplished – is the primary focus of your exercise routine, this can be cause for concern. This is because emphasizing numbers over the gestalt of the experience (the mood boost, perhaps, or the sensations in your body as you put it to work) puts you at risk to obsess over quantity and outcome, rather than quality and process. — Deborah R. Glasofer Ph.D.

Looking at the bright side, gaining weight enables you to become more creative with your wardrobe, make healthier choices when shopping for your food, and be more active than you used to.  Not to mention, the sleek cheeks I now have which most of my officemate finds more attractive than the raised ones I used to have.

Carry your extra pounds with confidence, and discover how you radiate, draw people, and attract more opportunity.

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