Health And Fitness Tips Health And Wellness For Employees – A Winning Business Strategy

Health And Wellness For Employees – A Winning Business Strategy


Today, exercise is not just a luxury but also a necessity – even at the workplace. Engaging employees in a health and wellness program can be a great business strategy to get ahead of the competition on different levels. As an employee, I can attest to the many benefits of a wellness program, some of which are the following:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Enhanced employee performance
  • Reduced costs
  • Healthy living

A highly thriving company starts with the health and wellness of the employees within the organization. It is their enthusiasm, motivation, energy, and vigor that determine its success or failure. Corporate well-being has transformed over the years. Business executives and supervisors now believe that starting wellness programs in the workplace is no longer a perk but must be considered an important aspect of an employee’s daily work schedule. Here’s a list of evidence-based trends that companies are now implementing for their employees.

Wellness As A Holistic Approach

Businesses who are committed to improving and making a difference in their employees’ health and overall wellness will want to embrace a more thorough approach. They would not only center the program on physical activity for weight loss or maintenance but also ensure that all areas of health and wellness are incorporated. To achieve this utmost level of well-being, research reveals eight equally codependent aspects of wellness, which are:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Occupational
  • Purposeful
  • Financial

Revolutionary companies move past the narrow method and address the complete needs of the employee through a holistic program. This is because intelligent leaders know that employees with a healthy body and mind will also mean better business outcomes for them.

Addressing Stress Through Workshops

Working in finance, insurance, technology, stock exchange, or other similar businesses can be pretty stressful with limited resources for wellness. Workplace stress is a very common occurrence in employees who are especially determined to yield the best results for their companies and for themselves.


If they don’t achieve this, they become unhappy, depressed, and unengaged. When the leaders in business companies realized this, they realized the importance of investing a holistic wellness approach for their employees, which was actually one of the best decisions they’ve ever made for their business.

Occupational stress has reportedly cost over $300 billion yearly in turnover, medical costs, reduced productivity, and absenteeism, among others. Similarly, when an employee is present but underperforms, it can cost companies twice as much. Stress sucks the life of energy out of us. Through stress and resilience workshops can help deal with these negativities effectively.

Wellness Customized For Each Employee

What’s good for one employee may not do well for another employee, as there is no one-size-fits-all method in wellness. When you visit a doctor and given a diagnosis, the doctor doesn’t just give you the same medications as his last patient even if you may have the same condition. Why? You have different medical histories.

Wellness varies from employee to employee and each company’s vision, goals and culture are different. The organization needs to establish what wellness means before formulating a customized program that can best support and improve its employees. You may want to hire a wellness coach for this task.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

Business leaders are rapidly acknowledging EI or EQ as an important element in the success of their company. EQ training involves helping employees recognize and handle their emotions as well as others’ emotions with the goal of self-awareness and awareness of others’ feelings. It will also help them become better leaders and decision-makers.


Though on the outset, you won’t see why this has something to do with corporate wellness, internally you will soon discover as a leader that improving your employee’s EQ encourages them to come to work prepared and ready to hit their goal every day.

In the end, the presence or lack of a health and wellness program in the workplace will, in a major way, determine the performance of the employees. Advanced companies understand that corporate health and wellness and productivity are intricately linked and should be incorporated in any kind of business.



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