Health And Fitness Tips How Home-Based Moms Can Stay Physically Active

How Home-Based Moms Can Stay Physically Active


You might think it’s easy for home-based moms to squeeze in exercise in their everyday routines. Well, think again. In the middle of organizing and cleaning up the mess in the house, raising children, playing wife to their spouse, and working to earn online, you’d be surprised to realize that their plans of finally getting some cardio or any kind of exercise can be thrown away just like that.

As a fitness coach and a mom myself, I’ve worked with a lot of busy moms who were frustrated about how hectic their schedules can be and how much they want to sweat it out to release the stress and everything else with it.

So here’s a list of some of the tips I gave them. I’m giving them out to you so you’ll find the time and the tactics to spend a few minutes of your day to exercise and be healthy and happy.

Exercise And Taking Care Of The Kids Go Together

This may be difficult to do initially, but practicing your kids to be active and healthy is an important part of their growing up, so you’re hitting two birds here. Don’t pressure them, though. Let them think of exercise as an active play that’s equally fun and exciting. For example, you can start with lifting weights.

If you’re holding a 5-lb dumbbell, let your kids roll their socks and then copy your moves – up and down and sideways. You can also go biking with them in the neighborhood. This can be a form of physical as well as a social enhancement for them. Additionally, if you want them to learn some chores, you can teach them how to water the plants or weed the garden with you.

Make Your Activities Count

If you have been trying to fit exercise into your schedule today but wasn’t able to, don’t worry. Perhaps you need to go to the grocery store to shop; you can walk to the store so you’ll burn calories. In the evening, when you’re cooking for the family, you can do some squats while you’re waiting for the pasta sauce to boil or do burpees while the stew is simmering.


Find the time to squeeze some quality exercises while you still can. Or after dinner, after washing the dishes, do some light pushups before finally heading to the shower. There’s always an opportunity when the day hasn’t ended yet.

Hire A Personal Coach If You Can Afford One

This is a smart move, especially if you can afford it. Hire a personal coach who can teach you and formulate a legit and formal workout program that you can work with him twice or thrice a week. Your coach can adjust to your schedule, and you wouldn’t have to go to him and leave your chores at home.

The exercises are those that are customized to fit your needs, your available equipment, and your goals. If you think it’s too heavy on the budget, perhaps you can invite a friend to work out with you so you can share the trainer’s fee.

Let Your Family Support You

Don’t forget about your family who loves you and wants what’s best for you. Take advantage of their presence to enjoy the perks of being physically active. You can ask your husband to watch the kids twice a week so you can do some serious cardio session.

If you want to go with your friends for a yoga or dance session, try asking grandma to cover for you. I’m sure she would love watching over her grandkids. Feel the perks of having family around!


Final Thoughts

These are only a few of the many strategies you can do to incorporate health into your life as a home-based mom. Don’t be hindered by your chores as a mother and wife. Be active, happy, and healthy so you can live a good life with your family.


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