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Having issues in the family is a common thing; everyone goes through, but some families may need a little more help than others. The help we may need can differ from one family to the other, and sometimes it may be hard for us to admit that we need help, but accepting the fact that we need help is the first step to fully healing. I have here a few of the reasons why you should consider Family Counseling and I hope you find the answers you are looking for right here.

First off, we have to define family counseling. Family counseling is a way for therapists or counselors to help families who are going through mental or emotional issues. This may take a lot of steps, and it may require one or a few members of the family, especially if there are children involved, to undergo individual insight therapy. Still, the end goal is to help the family to resolve their issues and ultimately for the family to heal as one.

So, if you are here thinking maybe you and your family need counseling, then take a look at a few of these reasons and see if you may be right.


Reason number one is if you have a “disconnected family.” Basically, a disconnected family is a family that does not talk to each other anymore, maybe you hear from your children more on social media than in real life, or maybe the family sits at the dinner table and is more focused on their phone than talking about each other’s days. This is when we have more connections to our gadgets and our social media apps than to our family. What family counseling can do is to help the family disconnect and unplug from the digital world and tune back into the real world.

If ever one or more members of your family are getting more and more withdrawn from the rest of the family, maybe they spend more time alone in their room than with you. This is maybe a case of depression or other mental health issues. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed and taken care of. Another reason for withdrawal is when a child is going through bullying or abuse. For whatever reason, this is happening to someone in your family. This can be addressed with family counseling. Also, individual therapy can help, but if you feel like there is a need for the whole family to go through this process, then this will be healthy for everyone too.


Another reason we have is addiction. For obvious reasons, addiction can be very harmful not only to whoever is experiencing it but also to the family as well. It is important that whoever is going through this feels that they are loved and that the family is there to help them through the recovery process. What family counseling can do for you and your family, in this case, is that the family learns to support each other and fight addiction together. The consequences of addiction will be felt strongly by everyone. This is why everyone must understand the role they play in the healing process. So, if this is happening to you, family counseling might be the key to your family’s healing.

Holding a grudge is another reason for you to consider family counseling. You may not see it, but holding grudges against the members of the family will affect the whole family. So let us say that you are still holding a grudge on your husband for forgetting your anniversary, or maybe he forgot to pay the bills on time. Everyone can felt this grudge. Holding a grudge is like a poison to a family. It slowly builds up resentment, anger, and it often leads to fighting and unnecessary bitterness. Family counseling helps the family break down the walls that you have built, preventing you from trusting, and communicating with each other.


Lastly, we have people growing apart. This is a natural thing for everyone, and it may happen within the family. This may help because of unresolved issues that you or someone else has kept to themselves for a long time. This eventually drives a wedge between the families if left unresolved. Family counseling guides you to a future without bickering, and it helps the family create a clear line of communication.

So, those are a few of the reasons we have for you to go through family counseling. IIf ever you do think that it would help the family to go through this, I suggest you do it as early as you can while it is easier to mend and while not much damage has been done. Do some group activities together — exercise and stress relief are often linked, so exercising as a family might help build connection. Remember, the family will always be there for you, and you will have to learn to treasure that before it becomes too late.

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