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"The BEST triathlon club on the east coast!"
-Barbara Sessa, NY (8th Elite Amateur Female 2007 NYC Triathlon)

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Weeklong Tri-Camp Schedule

January 16-20, 2017...Kona, HI

February 13-17, 2017...Palm Desert, CA

February 27-March 3, 2017...Lake Havasu, AZ

March 13-17, 2017...New Orleans, LA

April 3-7, 2017...Clermont, FL

April 24-28, 2017...Chattanooga, TN

May 8-12, 2017...Raleigh, NC

June 12 16, 2017...Lake Placid, NY

July 31 August 4, 2017...Middlebury, VT

September dates and locations TBA...COACHES CAMP

November 6 10, 2017...Las Vegas, NV

December 4 8, 2017...Naples, FL



OR, pay for 2 tri-camps and receive 1 for FREE!

More Info:

Life Coaching

Mark H. Wilson, Professional Life & Triathlon Coach, offers individuals/groups a unique glimpse into the very truth of the Universe; you create your own reality. After 18 years of self-examination and discovery with guidance from his wife Rosa, Mark is now sharing his understanding of the Law of Attraction and delivering it to you. Imagine living the life of your dreams...and it shall be yours.

1. Do you have the health you desire?
2. Do you have the relationship you desire?
3. Do you have the prosperity you desire?

ALLOW yourself to be, do and have everything you've ever wanted! You deserve it.

Mark H. Wilson is available for:
Corporate Leadership Training : Mark's executive corporate training program examines, evaluates, and then makes recommendations on how to improve and maximize the busy executive's global interpersonal skill set, judgment and decision making process, as well as emphasize stress management techniques and personal health programs.

Educational Leadership Training: Mark's educational leadership training program is for professionals who influence the lives of young people on a daily basis, assisting them to understand that the very presence of their students is representative of their own beliefs and paradigms, then guiding them to initiate and activate new thought patterns to foster the next evolutionary level.

Personal Leadership Training : Mark's individual leadership program encourages inner growth via self-observation and evaluation, then re-alignment of personal intentions through detailed/creative instructional awareness for improved success in areas such as health/fitness, finance and inter-relationships with family members and work colleagues.


"Mark Wilson is one of the most gifted and spiritual people I know. What started out as triathlon coaching turned into a life-saving event. Before I met Mark, I was living life for everyone but myself. I'm not sure how it started, but Marks softness and Holiness inspired me to open up and share my life. Before you know it, our runs and bike rides turned into journeys of exploration and healing. I am currently beginning to take control of my life. I cant believe that at the age of 48 I'm finally learning what it means to grow up and grow out. Mark has opened my eyes to the full potential and uniqueness of my essence. I am Mark's first student of life, and I hope soon, with all the lessons that we have learned together, I can continue this work alone with the courage and bravery he radiates and I have absorbed. I strongly recommend to anyone who feels alone, afraid, or unfulfilled, to contact Mark as quickly as humanly possible, for I guarantee a ride of a lifetime."

Thomas R. Eanelli M.D., NJ

"It may sound silly, but attending Mark's [weeklong] triathlon camp was a life-changing experience for me. I expected to learn new things and spend a lot of focused time training. I learned simple tips, that I am certain will improve my race times and help me to achieve my goal of placing in my age-group this season. I didn't expect to meet people that would at one minute inspire me to my core and then in another have me laughing 'til my sides hurt. I didn't expect Triathlon Camp to affect my regular life, much less change it. But that is the real gem when you work with Mark. I came home a rejuvenated and determined person, with 'Dream Huge' goals that cover every aspect of my life; business, family, friends, and of course, triathlon."

Lana Shannon, CT

"Mark Wilson is an amazing life coach. He is clear, honest, compassionate and direct. Over the two day workshop, I gained a deeper understanding of how my beliefs and thoughts create my everyday experience and if I change my thoughts I can change my experience. Mark is masterful at shedding light upon words and behaviors we use that invite obstacles into our life rather than abundance. As he guides you, the moments can be intense, yet it is always balanced by an emphasis on remaining light, curious, and joyful. He is truly an inspired and inspiring being! Thank you, Mark, for walking the path and sharing it with us. Many Blessings."

Monika Geerling, MA

"We all should have a little Mark all the time in our pockets...I am honored that I was part of his first workshop as a life coach, a workshop I can best describe as unique. Mark creates a peaceful, positive environment for the student to reflect and find clues how to create the ultimate life for one self, at the same time with eagle eye pinpoints the blocks that slow us down, or divert us from the original goal. I went home lighter, filled with joy, action ready and understanding even more the importance to be gentle and loving toward myself. The ultimate message....Mark lives what he teaches, and this allows him to extend his "coaching" on all level of your living, be that physical, spiritual or mental. The walks, the gentle times, and the non stop opportunity to express yourself, to listen to others are all part of this wonderful workshop and bring you closer to your higher self. A lot was discussed that the outside world and the people in it are a mirror to teach us about ourselves. On that note, if I attract into my life wonderful people like Mark and his beautiful wife Rosa, hey! I am doing pretty OK! Thank you my life coach friend! Thank you, Mark!"

Kati Geerling, CT

Photo: Maria Villalta

CAUTION: Participating in a Life-Coaching Workshop with Mark Wilson may cause radiant health and spiritual well-being!

CAUTION: Participating in the sport of triathlon and HVTC may cause radiant health and spiritual well-being.