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March 13-17, 2017...New Orleans, LA

April 3-7, 2017...Clermont, FL

April 24-28, 2017...Chattanooga, TN

May 8-12, 2017...Raleigh, NC

June 12 – 16, 2017...Lake Placid, NY

July 31 – August 4, 2017...Middlebury, VT

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November 6 – 10, 2017...Las Vegas, NV

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Athlete Testimonials

Athlete Testimonials

I first met Mark Wilson at a HITS triathlon training camp that he presented in May 2014 at Diamond Mills in NY.  At this camp Mark introduced me to new techniques to improve all three of my splits.  He focused on simplicity and effectiveness.  I don't have a lot of time to train and he worked his training plans around this limitation.  I currently focus on Sprints.  I thoroughly enjoyed the week and left with a tailored plan ready to see what it would do.  I was cautiously optimistic as it was quiet a change to what I had been doing, but I was excited!  

The plan essentially requires less time in the pool, but focuses on an approach that requires good form and strength to be successful.  The drills don't work unless you develop these characteristics.  I don't want to go into detail here as it really requires Mark's explanation to be properly understood and applied.  Suffice to say that in some 5 months I have improved my swim splits by about 10%.  Although I am still not as fast as I would like to be (who is!)..the methodology is paying off..and requiring less time while providing steady improvement. This has allowed me to spend more time on my bike and run which are my strengths.  Over the same period of time I have also increased my power output on my bike by at least 10% and my running splits by more than. 5%.  So what has this done for my races? I won my AG Duathlon back a few weeks ago (40-44) and last week placed 4th in my AG in a local tri. Narrowly missing 3rd spot by 7 seconds predominantly due to a T2 transition blunder, but all three splits were PR's!  This is a race that I did last year and placed 11th.  The good news is that these improvements continue, and at my age this is unusual.  Again this is only after app. 5 months of following Mark's plan and coaching guidance.  

Although I live in Texas and Mark in NY, our weekly coaching phone sessions are effective.  In 30 minutes we review the previous weeks training outcomes, discuss the plan  for the following week and develop strategy for any races coming up if required.  Mark also good at realizing when rest is required based on this feedback. He prescribes recovery weeks accordingly to build on progress and reduce risk of overtraining.    

Mark has many years of experience and this is clear in his coaching style and results.  I highly recommend Mark if you want to not only improve your performance, but enjoy doing it at the same time!  

 - Matthew Perkins, TX

I did my first Ironman last year at age 44. I completed the race, but felt that I was inadequately prepared by my coaches at the time. I met Mark at the Triathlon Camp that he was holding last summer in Vermont. My wife was in attendance at the camp and I met Mark while watching her and Mark race at weeks end. Shortly after, I hired Mark to help me train for my second Ironman this year, in hopes of improving on my performance. (My wife loved the camp last year and will be attending again this August. If you have the time, I highly recommend the camp.)

I work a very full-time job and have a family and my free time is at a premium. Mark has helped me to make the best out of the time that I have, and train most effectively within the constraints that my lifestyle currently offers. There are many key issues that he has helped me with that have enabled me to progress athletically, as well as in overall wellness and health. In addition, and maybe most importantly, I have been able to push the envelope further this season and have remained virtually injury free.

Results wise, the proof has been in the race results. I have never won or placed in a single event whether it be triathlon, swimming, cycling or running prior to this season.

So far this season, I have entered 4 races and have won my age group twice and finished 2nd once. The other time I did not place was in a long race from NYC to Philly, Liberty to Liberty Triathlon, and I was 7th place OVERALL before having a mechanical failure on the bike at mile 81 of the bike leg. All this has been accomplished while keeping my ultimate goal of training for Ironman in sight. Mark has developed a feel for me as an athlete by getting to know who I am and how I function. Combined with Mark's vast knowledge of the sport, as well as mechanics, skills, nutrition, physical preparation, equipment, mental preparation and so much more, he has been able to help me to help push myself and achieve what I previously could not. I feel that my success with Mark has come about because he gets inside of the athlete to find out how to train right for YOU. No cookie cutter training programs with Mark. Everything is very personalized.

I highly recommend Mark Wilson.

-Steve DePalma, NJ

Mark you're doing great. But then I've never had a single complaint about your coaching which has always made me faster and well prepared. I rave to others about the advice you've given me.

-Matt Pagano, CT

I have been working with Mark since August 2003 and credit my development as an athlete to his amazing coaching ability. I‘m impressed, by Mark's incredible knowledge of the three main disciplines (swim, bike, run), but equally impressed by is knowledge of the complementary components (stretching, weights, and nutrition) of being a multi-sport athlete. He understands the lifestyle of the average athlete and the daily challenges .He is enthusiastic about the sport by being efficient, resourceful and compliant His talent at composing a training program is very scientific yet innovative. One of Mark's strongest attributes is his honesty. He is candid and upfront when we discuss my goals and aspirations. I admire his integrity and his refreshing, easy-going personality."

As an athlete, I attribute my success in being injury-free, and healthy to his skill of program periodization. In the end I feel that he sets me up for success. I give full recognition to Mark for my progression from an average TRI-participant to a strong age group Clydesdale competitor.

-Allen Brewer, GA

I had been racing tri's for 4 seasons after rowing for many years but had reached a plateau in my speed. I was placing in my age group at local tri's but my times weren't getting any better. I had an Ironman on my mind and wanted to work with someone that knew more about them than me. I had met Mark when he was teaching a Total Immersion clinic that I attended and a couple friends of mine had worked with him also. I entered IM Wisconsin 2003 in the fall of 2002 and started working with Mark.

The winter was filled with base miles and I had to teach myself to run much slower than I ever had. I believed in the low heart training because I had trained with it for rowing. I wasn't prepared for how difficult and slow it was going to be to run with my heart rate that low. I also spent more time on the bike trainer than I had in years past. Having no swimming background my workouts were very loose before being coached. I wasn't swimming much more distance than before but I was getting large improvements. By March 2003 the thaw started and I began seeing friends on the road while training. They were already commenting that I looked like I was in great shape. It was the best tri shape I had ever been in and I was still doing base training. I ran a marathon at the end of March that was within 5 minutes of my PR. It was the most comfortable marathon I had ever run.

I had never done speed training in the past but I was happy to see it after all of those base miles. The quantity of work was lower but the quality was higher. The racing season went by in a blur of finishes that went much better than I could have expected. A training partner jokingly wanted me tested for EPO. What I consider the high point of the year was lowering my time at a local international distance race from 2:08-ish for 2001 & 2002 to 2:02:29 in 2003. I didn't think I would ever be able to go that fast. The Ironman didn't go as well as expected because of heat and nutrition problems. I was frustrated by the amount of fitness I didn't get to use because my nutrition plan failed me.

I recommend that anyone who is considering buying race wheels spend the money on coaching instead. Anyone that isn't in my age group anyway. 10 months of coaching made much more of an improvement that my race wheels did the previous year.

- Jay Steele, MI

About three years ago, I participated in my first Half-Ironman event, the Timberland Triathlon in New Hampshire. Well, I finished the over 7 hours. A summer later, I joined the Hudson Valley Triathlon Club and heard that Mark Wilson was a triathlon coach. At first, I felt hesitant; I knew I needed a coach but I wasn't sure who to ask. After a few conversations with Mark, I felt that I trusted him and our coaching relationship (approaching its third year) began. Last summer (August 2004), I completed the Timberman Triathlon in 5 hours and 49 minutes (it was actually 5 hours and 45 minutes but the penalty bean counters slapped a four minute penalty on me for drafting...I'm innocent I tell you!!!! I should have pushed them off their motorcycles when I had the chance). After two years of Mark's coaching, I continually achieve personal bests in triathlon after triathlon. This year, we will begin training for Ironman Lake Placid. Although a part of me is terrified, I feel very secure in the fact that Mark will be preparing me every step of the way.

Mark has numerous qualities as a teacher that I find so inspirational. First of all, his expertise is admirable. His coaching philosophy of "fitness for life" not only appeals to the elite athletes that he coaches but also for someone like me who participates for the sake of participating. Second, Mark is patient. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to throw in the towel, thinking I couldn't achieve my goals. Mark simply wouldn't let me quit. He taught me that patience, consistency, and dedication were values that was the basis of a solid fact, he models those behaviors. What makes Mark so unique as a person is his trustworthiness and integrity. He's a loyal coach and friend. I'm so proud to work with him and I look forward to working with him in the years to come.

-Omer Alptekin, NY

When I met Mark nearly 5 years ago to discuss coaching I was impressed with his caring and focused approach. We discussed my goals and he immediately started me on a long term plan that turned me into a competitive athlete. Mark has committed himself to his own development as a coach and I have truly benefited from his learning. He guided me from my first IM finish 2 years ago in 13:14 to an IM PR of 11:59 this year.

Mark's training program is extremely efficient, maximizing time by emphasizing skill development along with strength and endurance. I've become consistently stronger and faster while avoiding injury, and have done so while maintaining a training load that allows me to live a full life. During Ironman buildup this year he balanced distance training and speed development without my once experiencing symptoms of overtraining. At the same time I placed well in several sprint triathlons.

One of the most important factors in being coached is trusting the person coaching you. Mark impressed me enough the first time I met him to commit myself to follow his program 100%. In the next 5 years I developed as an athlete and achieved far more success than I ever imagined for myself. Most important to me however is that I am stronger and faster than I have ever been, yet know that I will continue to improve. My love of the sport persists and, despite finishing an Ironman 10 days ago, I feel recovered and ready to take on the second half of my season. None of this would have been possible without good coaching. Thanks Mark.

-Kathryn Loyer, CT

Thank you for all the support you give Dana. You are a very positive force in Dana's life and we truly appreciate it. The money we pay you is some of the best money we have ever spent.

-Marcia & Bruce Alia, NY
(Parents of Dana Alia-Professional Cyclist)

I met Mark almost 2 years ago at a Total Immersion Freestyle clinic. After being exposed to a weekend of Mark's positive outlook and enthusiastic approach to coaching, I was convinced that he could help me exceed my triathlon goals. During the past two years, we have worked together to improve every aspect of triathlon. Because Mark still actively trains and competes, he is keenly aware of new training techniques, programs, etc. and "field tests" them before passing them along. I would recommend Mark to any triathlete looking to maximize their potential.

-J.W. Rady, OH

As a masters age group runner I was becoming increasingly more frustrated as my times were getting slower and my body hurting more and more. I was beginning to feel like it was an inevitable part of aging and maybe time to stop running. When two different people that I highly respect suggested that I contact Mark Wilson I had no idea what to expect. Now, almost a year later, what I have found in Mark is a knowledgeable, supportive and highly skilled coach. Not only has my overall running improved but my overall fitness level is at a place that it has never been before. Mark has taught me so much about running from a balanced and healthy place. I feel better than I ever have and have become a competitive masters runner!!

My phone sessions with Mark are a definite highlight in my week. I look forward to continuing running and working with Mark well into my 90's!!!

-Pam Neimeth, NY

Mark and I have been working together for three years now. I have never before met a coach so dedicated and understanding. Mark takes a very personal interest in anyone he takes under his wing and teaches them with his wealth of knowledge. His holistic, good-natured attitude makes him so easy to talk to and work with. His expertise in cycling (as well as swimming and running) has led me to have a fantastic season this year. I look forward to continuing my athletic dreams with Mark through these oncoming years. Thanks for everything Mark!

-Dana Alia, NY

While finishing Ironman was a challenge getting better at finishing was even tougher. Coach Wilson pushed me to the next level. Coach Wilson was great with the planned workouts and follow-up phone calls. He called every Sunday night. At first I did not buy into his low HR training during the off season. It helped big time. He also tried to schedule monthly workout to see how I was improving. The morning swim workouts were tough. But then what coach would call you to see if you were awake and ready to go into the pool at 5:00 AM. Mark also ran the Mystic marathon with me. His formulas work.

-Brian Lavender, NY

Three years ago I decided to accept and actively pursue a personal challenge that I had contemplated for several years. I wanted to do a triathlon. Through a friend, I contacted Mark Wilson and so my journey for my first triathlon began. I had only competed in 10k races a few times so my experience in personal training was limited. I was fortunate to have found Mark through a friend of a friend. Mark gave me the knowledge, the regimen, the training schedules I needed and, more importantly, the advice I needed to be successful in my training. My goal that first year was to compete in a half Ironman.

With Mark's guidance through weekly phone calls, I was able to fulfill that goal and in decent time for a 49 year old's first year. Most importantly, I completed the season without any injuries. Looking back on that first summer, I am beginning to realize the importance of the structure of the program I was on. I trained under Mark's guidance again the next year as well. With new time constraints (i.e. job and family) Mark encouraged me to continue the triathlons and suggested that I begin doing the Olympic lengths. Mark gave me another program to follow and again I was in contact with him on a weekly basis. I was able to compete and finish in great times for year #1 at that level. Knowing that my swimming needed improvement, I got together with 3 other people last winter and went through several Total Immersion Workshop training sessions with Mark. He is such a good instructor. I still have a lot to learn in the swim department, but the principles he taught me and his working knowledge of the mechanics of swimming are things that I always refer to and will stay with me forever.

Mark's attitude and abilities reflect the personal and professional ideals that have energized him to compete in his own Ironman competitions and are reflected in his training programs as well. Racing in triathlons has given me a new healthy dimension to my life that, I felt, was already pretty full. I couldn't have gotten there without good outside help. Thanks again Mark.

-Alan Shanker, NY

Thanks for the time spent looking at my swim stroke [Ironman Wisconsin] along with the suggestions (putting my hand into the water near my head, and getting long , as opposed to stretching my hand and arm outside of the water, etc .) in the "endless pool". I concentrated on that one thing, like you said . I swam 10 min. faster than ever, was less fatigued, felt the calmest I've ever felt, and entered the bike confident. I just wanted to express my gratitude for your kindness and expertise. Total Immersion has a great ambassador in you.

-Dave McGuire, IL

I give credit to Mark Wilson first, for persuading me that my 50-year old knees could even tolerate running again. Without that understanding, I wouldn't have even started training for this year's triathlons. But by introducing me to the POSE system, he made the rest possible. He also helped me to stay healthy, and to recover from minor injuries quickly, which enabled me to compete in the races that were most important. And he worked with me to set reasonable but challenging goals. Mark's patient, understated manner and gentle good humor were a welcome addition to my training regimen. But most of all, he put his knowledge and experience to work for me, and I hit my targets. I hope that is as satisfying for him as it has been for me.

-Bob Stier, ME

I am not exaggerating when I say Mark Wilson helped me accomplish the impossible: a 57 year old, out of shape woman, with legs fairly worthless from MS, swam a 3 mile wide section of the Hudson River! Mark encouraged me to do it, even though I had begun the new approach to swimming only 6 weeks ahead of time. As a professional violinist and teacher myself, I appreciate the clear progression of drills that lead me to amazing ease. Mark's mellow approach and patience are part of the "no struggle" technique he teaches. Swimming has completely changed for me since I worked with him; I look forward to exploring this fascinating approach on my own for years to come and coaching again with him in the future.

-J.J., NY

Mark Wilson has been my coach for the last 3 years. After hiring Mark late in 2001, I had my best triathlon season in 2002, placing in all five events I entered, including the New York City Triathlon and SOS. This despite having to work my schedule around a full-time job and caring for a two year-old daughter. In 2003 and 2004 I had successful seasons as well, despite the added challenge (and associated sleep deprivation) of a new son.

Family and work dictate the time I have available for training, which may vary significantly from week to week. Mark knows exactly where I am in my training and is able to work with me each week during our 30 minute phone calls to fit the necessary training around my hectic schedule. When something comes up during the week that alters the plan, Mark will give me e-mail feedback to help me adjust the schedule.

I first met Mark at a race back in 1998. Even then he struck me as friendly, easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable about the sport of triathlon. When I found out in 2001 that Mark had started coaching, hiring him to coach me was an easy decision.

Mark is very curious, and continues to expand his knowledge of the sport and of coaching in general through seminars, reading and experimentation. This gives me confidence that even though I am too busy to keep up with the latest developments in the sport, I will not miss out on anything important.

I look forward to working with Mark for many years to come.

-Bruce Cadenhead, NY

Congratulations to you! You already are a very successful coach and athlete, and I am certain that you will continue to enjoy more and continuous success.

Again, I thank you for your coaching and patience last week in Brewster. The results in my before and after video are all due to you. I just cannot wait to jump in the pool these days. Your coaching has also given me confidence in other pursuits in life. You did more than you even realize last weekend. I am so lucky that I was in one of your last classes.

You are not only a great coach, but more importantly, a fine man. All the best to you!

-Mike Battista, NY

Mark became my coach 7 weeks prior to the 2004 Survival of the Shawangunks wilderness triathlon. As an average triathlete this race was far longer than anything I had previously completed. Mark established a workout and nutrition plan for me and helped me prepare mentally and strategically for the race. When race day arrived I was confident and prepared. I finished the race in good form with plenty of power in reserve. Before I trained with Mark, I thought that professional coaches were for professional athletes. I learned that the athletes with the most potential to see major gains in performance are average athletes like me!

-Jim Demis, NY

I want to thank you for the wonderful swim clinic offered at the New England Multisport at Regis College yesterday. I must tell you that I just started taking swimming lessons last March after a frightening experience when I was a teenager. I had coaches and coaches… I tend to get intimidated and nervous in the pool - I was there for the first clinic and just watching you coach put me into a state of relaxation that I NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE! When our clinic started, I felt like a natural - I was so happy at the end and felt a huge accomplishment - all that in just 90 minutes! I am definitely telling my triathlon friends and will try to find a way to get a group together to have you come again for another 90 minutes (at least!). I cannot wait to get to the pool on Wednesday to put in practice what I learned from you! Least and not last: The first triathlon I do this year (probably Danskin) the swimming part is dedicated to Coach Mark Wilson!

-Lizete Alcalai, MA

After 2 years of competing in triathlons I reached a crossroad: either I could continue training on my own with hopes of improving my times with the minimal knowledge and experience I had in the sport, or I could hire a trainer to help me improve in all 3 disciplines. I knew that I did not want to spend the time to learn how to create my own workout schedule. It was too overwhelming. So, after many discussions with my husband, who is very supportive of my athletic endeavors, we decided that I wanted to step it up a notch and began interviewing trainers.

From our first phone conversation I felt that Mark was right for me. He is knowledgeable, supportive, patient, optimistic and realistic. He has the gift to integrate his intuition with his knowlege of each of the disciplines into weekly workouts.

I have high goals and feel he is willing to support me in my journey as a triathlete. And if he did not believe I could do it I can trust that he will tell me so. More importantly, my confidence has greatly increased with Mark's encouragement to enter smaller races in order to experience success. I was a little dubious and afraid of the notion of winning, but alas I was fortunately proven wrong!

In addition, Mark is patient when I can be so quick to criticize my efforts. He is there to listen and allow space to move through whatever I may be feeling. Looking back on this past year's training Mark has taught me that one can train 7 days a week and not overtrain. I have learned to run more efficiently and faster! I have improved my race pace more than 40 seconds per mile. I feel I have much more to learn and have more room to push myself physically, mentally and emotionally and feel that Mark is willing to go the distance with me one hundred and ten percent. I am very excited to continue my work with Mark.

-Jeanette Shelow-MacDougall, NY

Thank you for coaching me to exercise in a consistent, effective and meaningful manner. You listen carefully to what I want and tailor a daily workout that fits into my life perfectly. I am happy with the results....I am stronger, more flexible and have solid stamina. You are a pleasure to talk with on a weekly basis. You are very experienced in bringing people along so that they do not hurt themselves by over doing an activity, and keeping them motivated to accomplish more. In 45 years, when I'm 90, I will be fit and feeling good, thanks to you!

-Rick Cisneros, NY

I first met Mark Wilson several years ago when I was very active in the sport of triathlon. I was doing sprint and Olympic distance racing, but was interested in fulfilling my dream, and completing an Ironman. Little did I know then, that mark was not only destined to be my athletic and triathlon coach, but also my friend, life coach, and guardian angel!! You see, while training for the Ironman, my life fell apart. I gave up on the sport and myself, and began to spiral into self destruction, poor health, and despair. But like a true guardian angel, Mark never gave up on me even though I gave up on myself. It soon became apparent that I was involved in something far more important than an Ironman; I was involved in a race for my existence. I can honestly say that I never met anyone as caring or genuine as Mark. His soft demeanor and self-deprecating, humble manner are a stark contrast to his overwhelming drive and intensity. Never has he demeaned or diminished me in any way, but rather it is his gentle but stern professionalism which shines through like a beacon of light in a foggy storm. But of all of mark's characteristics, I think it is his warmth which motivates me the most. We begin each session with a blessing and a hug. During the course of a workout, our discussions run the gamut from the traditional topics such as triathlon, physiology and nutrition, to the ethereal concepts of philosophy, spirituality and how to live a good and righteous life. Mark's value as a triathlon coach is just the tip of the iceberg. He is truly the messiah of motivational endurance activity. I am so privileged to be one of his athletes.

-Tom Eanelli, NJ

I have had the privilege of using Mark Wilson as my Triathlon coach over the past year or so. Mark's almost daily contact throughout that time period kept me motivated and informed about the entire sport of Triathlon. Without a doubt his support helped me reach my goal of competing at the Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon in July, 2006. His scheduled and detailed training kept me right on pace for a great race in Lake Placid; this is all after just starting the sport of triathlon a little over a year ago. Coach Wilson comes highly educated, informed, motivated and devoted towards his athletes and the sport of triathlon as a whole. He provides useful, accurate and timely feedback during the entire training process. Not only did he bring me to a level never thought of in the Ironman distance but with his help I have been able to make vast improvements at all distances of Triathlons. To sum, I highly recommend Coach Mark Wilson for any level of triathlete.

-Arthur Boyko, NY

If one looks simply at the numbers of where I was last year coaching myself and where I am this year after being coached my Mark they start to paint a good picture of how I have advanced. To keep it short, I went from the top 45% of the Male 25-29 age group in 2005 to what I hope will turn out to be the top 10% in 2006. However, that paints the picture in just black and white. If I didn't enjoy working with Mark, share a passion for multisport with him and love rolling with the Hudson Valley Triathlon Club I doubt these results would have happened the way they did.

Keeping me focused and on task is how I benefited from Mark's help the most. I will get really excited about my next week of training. I will have ideas of running over mountains and want to do an infinite amount of miles on the bike. Then I will talk to Mark and he will take that motivation and mold it into the perfect combination of speed training and endurance that will have me perform at my peak level for my goal events. There is no wasting time or energy on the stuff that won't get me where I need to be.

As for goal events, my biggest of 2006 was the Westchester Triathlon where if an athlete takes 1st in their age group they win a slot to the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon in June of 2007. Now, I'm not saying this to brag, I'm just saying that Mark and I have a lot of work to do this winter. The bay area isn't even going to know what hit it!

-Zachary Staszak, NY

After taking on triathlon at age 43, I improved myself for a couple of years but then hit a wall. In 2004, two surgeries (shoulder/knee) later, I was at a crossroad. Not wavering about rehabilitating and getting back to triathlon, I made a decision to be smarter about it. I knew Mark Wilson from the HVTC but wasn't aware of his individual coaching. I attended one of his triathlon camps, and then signed on with him for continued coaching. He worked with me tirelessly on technique, changed my training completely and taught me how to eat. Result: my best year ever, by far. At 49, I'll do a few more races this year and look forward to winter training and a big entrance into my 50s when I will again enjoy my best year ever. Mark brought me from being a back-of-the-packer (just happy to be there) to a mid-packer in one year. Having a real plan, high expectations and 30 less pounds has me feeling like a true participant of the sport.

Mark Wilson and I are different athletes, of different backgrounds and with different body types. That's where his unique coaching expertise comes in. He had the ability to learn ME and design a program and lifestyle around my schedule. If he did it for me, he can do it for probably anyone. I think Mark could coach anyone.

Where Mark Wilson and I are the same is in our COMMITMENT. It's a word he loves to use and it describes him as much as it is required by his athletes. For this reason, his triathlon career and business is successful. So is mine.

-Steve Fischer, PA

2006 was a break out year for me. Not only did I complete my first Ironman, I set many PR's in various races throughout the season. With Mark's guidance, I was mentally and physically ready for all my races, but more importantly, he gave me the confidence to race and made me believe I belong in this sport.

-Mark De Luccia, NY

I have had the privilege of knowing Mark Wilson for the past 4 + years through my experiences working at the Hudson Valley Triathlon Club summer series races, SOS Triathlon , and at the IM races in Lake Placid.  I have seen him coach, train, and nurture everyone in the club to be their best, from the amateur to the professional triathlete.   From the Wilson State Park facilities, to the post race food, everything is first rate, and the camaraderie amongst the HVTC members in inspiring!   Keep it going Mark!

                                                                                                                                                                      -Dr. David Ness, NY

Mark...Thank you SO MUCH for teaching me how to use my new bike and for getting me to see that I could actually pedal up Wittenberg Road.  This is such a revelation! Wittenberg Road has always loomed in my in my mind as an insurmountable obstacle. Now I understand that I can meet the challenge. WOW! This just blows my mind. Thank you!                                        

                                                                                                                                                                            -Diana T, NY

Mark...It was such a pleasure meeting you this week, and I can't thank you enough for the joy you brought my Mom.  That 12-mile loop has made her insanely happy-she's still doing her karate chops on me!   I look forward to joining your wonderful group next year!   Thanks again!

                                                                                                                                                                        -Madeline T, NY

My friends sure enjoyed their camp with you!  Thanks for being a wonderful, caring, perceptive and knowledgeable coach.   We are all still digesting everything you taught.  Interesting, regarding "The Secret" I was intent upon getting this particular running hat.  Being honest in my rather silly request, I made about 15 phone calls over three weeks to find someone who would help me.  Anyway making a long story short, the hat ultimately arrived by Fed Ex at my door!  Mark, your success stories as a life coach can reflect millions in dollars.  Yet you coached me, secret-wise, not to give up on my little dream hat.  So this may not be a dramatic success story.  However, the hat means everything to me, not in the sense of the material object, but in the belief process and the self confidence to ask the universe for something and not give up, and then accept and celebrate receiving.

  -Ann Ivan, NY

I would like to thank you for this amazing weekend 2 weeks ago.
I had a lot of fun, and you gave me plenty of useful advice. I improved a lot in each discipline since then and it is 100% thanks to you.
-Sylvain Vivion, NY

After being away from triathlon for two years because of injury I knew I needed someone who listened.  From the very beginning you have heard what I’ve said and more importantly your coaching has been based on what you’ve heard.  My goals have been specific and focused and your coaching has been spot on to get me there.  I really appreciate how you treat me, like I’m your #1 client.  Thanks so much for helping me achieve my goals.
-Dane Thomson, TX

I am a professional coach and a nutrition consultant in Europe and I came all the way here, from Belgium, to do the Hudson Valley Triathlon Club [Summer Tri-Series #2] with my two brothers who are members of HVTC. I met Mark Wilson, the president of the club, the day of the race, I have heard of him before and I am really happy I did meet him now. I saw a very professional and passionate coach in him with all his advice. Altough, triathlon is an individual sport, you have to fight against yourself first, the HVTC is a group of great athletes all in one and same team. If you ever get the chance to train and/or to race with them, you will live a memorable experience of life. I wish you all the best in this sport.

-Mike Deboever, Belgium, Europe

I am stronger, faster, more confident; I have a completely different outlook on life and I feel better than I ever have in every way!   It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Mark has been an incredibly positive influence on me by guiding me down the path to becoming not only a better triathlete, but a better person.  My family and friends have noticed this change and join me in my excitement and gratitude for having elicited Mark’s services.  With his coaching, I received exactly what I wanted and got even more than I had hoped for. Not only did I crush my Ironman PR by 93 minutes, but I felt incredible and smiled the entire race!  In addition to a great final race, I also placed 1st and 2nd in my age group during my shorter -distance “training races” leading up to the Ironman.  Mark’s training program, triathlon camp, nutrition advice, positive motivation, and racing strategy prepared me for an amazing day at IM USAThis has been a tremendous journey with sensational results…I can’t wait until next season!

-Susan Galich, TX

THANK YOU!!!!!! so much for all your coaching/guidance and planning.  The results are proof positive that this was my best tri season!!!!!!!!!!
-Mark Flynn, CT

2008 was my third year in triathlon and one in which I saw a lot of improvement.  I began working with you about six months ago and have seen a steady increase in my fitness level.  In fact this past weekend I took 15 minutes off my finish at the Cranberry Country Triathlon (Olympic Distance) from the previous years' result.  More important however was the manner you helped me accomplish that in.  The plan you laid for me was personalized, simple, manageable, and fun.  Everyone defines success differently, it is easy to time it with a watch, but I have reaped more out the coaching experience than merely seconds and minutes.  Thanks for making it fun and helping me learn about triathlon, I expect to be in the sport for a long time.

-Brian M., MA

Thank you so much Mark for coaching a very informative and inspirational camp! Both Greg and I found the videotape analysis extremely helpful. You clearly have an incredible knowledge base and experience to draw from. That in combination with a concise and directed teaching style (students focus on three main points per sport) was very helpful and drove the points home. Thank you for your patience with our barrage of questions!

-Kimberly & Greg Kuppenheimer, NY

Mark's coaching has resurrected running in my life.  I have flat feet and previously believed that heel striking was the only option for me when running.  Mark's complete explanation and example convinced me otherwise.After six months of training and competing, I have eliminated the pain in my heels and ankles that always discouraged me from any real endurance events.  I am also running faster 5k times with every event and for the first time in my life I am looking forward to 10k's in Olympic distance triathlon.  It all comes down to proper mechanics, training focus, and a knowledgeable instructor.  Thank you Mark for making my 42 year old body feel 27 again.

-Mike Sasso, Orlando, FL

Hi Mark,  I just wanted to write and wish you Happy New Year. I miss you and the group. I wanted to thank you again for what I learned from you from those awesome 8 weeks of the women's running group. I am still out running and am so grateful for you when I reach the top of Pearl Street hill and don't feel like I have to throw up! I feel absolutely fantastic and every time I get a compliment about how I look (which I have been getting a lot), I always mention you. Thank you so much. That was the best 120 bucks I ever spent!!!

-Colleen Hack, NY

Hi, Mark!  Well, another PR at this weekend's 5k; 22:59.5 for a 7:25/mile average.  I'm thrilled.  And this is all your training.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I was also 1st in my age-group [F50-54] and 5th overall out of about 60 women.
-Sue Clifton, FL

Train with Mark Wilson...See the results!

-David Nazaroff, NY (Owner, TOGA Bikes)

Dear Mark; I cannot thank you enough!!!  It has been such a journey.  I think you are the best coach...ever!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

-Jennifer Borrero, NY

Your camp was an outstanding experience that was both motivational and thrilling.  Your advice and expertise is invaluable and every triathlete should have this experience.  It was an honor to learn from you.

-Kelly Heady, NY

I wish to acknowledge the tremendous impact that Mark Wilson's triathlon coaching has had on my enjoyment of this sport.  Mark combines a mastery of technique and periodization training with a supportive and patient personal approach.  I rely heavily on Mark for everything from weekly training and race scheduling to nutritional advice and mental preparation.  I highly recommend Mark's coaching services to anyone interested in reaching their full potential as a triathlete.

-Mark Rabens, NJ

You are an outstanding coach and an exceptional human being.  I don't think I have ever known anyone quite like you.  Your light shines and it liberates all of us who come to know you.  You give us permission to be who we are and your guidance and encouragement allow us to be our best.  I am grateful for your presence in my life and for the profound impact you have had on my physical and psychological well-being.  Thank you for everything.

-Melissa Signor, NY

I felt better when I finished my first Ironman than I have felt after many other races.  Not only that, the post-race damage to my legs was less severe than what I've experienced from many half Ironmans and all of the marathons I've done in the past.  I credit your coaching with this accomplishment.  You have kept me healthy and helped me achieve my goals.  What more could I ask?  Thank you for being my coach.

-A.A. Hopeman, MA

I just can't put into words my appreciation to you for your extraordinary coaching and advice for the past week of training in Kona.  I feel that the time spent will carry me well into the triathlon season and beyond.  It was a great pleasure to get to know you better; your inspirational motivation and insight of the sport are traits of a rock solid coach and a real winner.

-DeWayne Smith, AL

I just wanted to check in briefly to let you know about my progress.  Even though we only met an hour, our consultation has had a big impact on my running.  I have gotten much faster over the last couple of months and I attribute it half to training and the other half to your advice.  Gravity has become my friend and my race times are clearly showing it.  In the fall I had run a half marathon at 8:20 pace, and two weeks ago I ran a 20k at 7:00 even.  [Also] I have 100% stopped heel-striking, which was costing me time.  I think this has also significantly helped my speed and has allowed me to up the mileage to 55/week without injury.  [And] Since we met, my cadence has gone from 80 steps/minute to 87.  Again, I truly believe this has helped me up the mileage without injury.  Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks so much for your help.  I think my marathon time goals are now clearly within sight.

-Brad Wellington, CT

This past weekend has been one of the best in my life!  I can't imagine finding five more inspirational and fun people with whom to spend my time [I have to count Rosa as part of our group - I have spent as much time contemplating thoughts she shared with me as I have your gracious and generous words of wisdom].  I knew that your experience and expertise would be a driving force, but I feel very fortunate to have had the four ladies with me for my adventure.  They each contributed to my growth and the start of my latest journey.  I believe the weekend was a life-altering one for me and I thank you for being a part of it.  Confronting my fears is hard for me, so the pond [as horrific as I felt] was a big step. I should not have let it affect the rest of my day, but it is behind me and I learned from it.   Your camp is so well organized and carefully thought out, and you are truly blessed with a gift for conveying information and making people feel good about themselves - I just did not have many questions.  Plus, I know that by participating in the club training sessions and events, I'll have the opportunity to learn from you and grow each week, so I am looking forward to many successful swims, rides, runs, and a ton of fun!

-Karen Willoughby, NY

I only know 3 people who are doing what they were MEANT to do; and Mark is one of them!

-Clay  Corjulo, NY

Dear Mark; thank you so much.  Great race!  Great food! Great fun!  Please thank Rosa for the amazing chili.  You run a fabulously fun race.  Please thank the volunteer [Bob Bomba] who was cheering me, and I mean CHEERING me on, at the back circle of the run.  That gentleman got through the last part and was so helpful.  Thanks, again!

-Lori Sash-Gail, NY

Thank you for another great season of racing and fun.  I appreciate all that you do to provide us club members with such an enriching atmosphere of camaraderie, education and joy.  Thanks, again, and I'll see you soon.

-John M. Dowley Jr., NY

You are one of the best people I have ever met in my life!  I am glad you are in it!  Thanks.

-Chantal Shea, NJ

I am so happy and grateful to you and all that you have given me.  Your guidance, wisdom and support throughout the year is invaluable.  When I reflect on seasons past I am truly amazed at what I have accomplished racing and placing in numerous World Championships; sprint, Olympic and Ironman 70.3.   Thank you!

-Jeanette Shelow-MacDougall, NY

(9th F45-49 2010 Ironman 70.3 World Championship)

I can't thank you enough for a great weekend!  I am so glad I found your camp; it has given me new hope and re-motivated me to work harder.  It was exactly what I was looking for and needed.  I look forward to sending you improved results!

-Diane Gittlen, MA

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CAUTION: Participating in the sport of triathlon and HVTC may cause radiant health and spiritual well-being.