Want To Workout More Than See A Psychologist? Here’s A Cardio Equipment Buying Guide For You

Many people who are dealing with mental health problems prefer working out than seeing a psychologist, and I’m pretty sure you know why. For one, a gym membership fee does not cost as much as a psychological consultation. Most gymgoers will leave you alone to handle your issues too, but that is the opposite of what mental health professionals are supposed to do. Furthermore, if you want to try to overcome your mental troubles without anyone seeing you, you can buy a piece of cardio exercise equipment and set it up at home.

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Types Of Cardio Exercise Equipment

Here are the most popular fitness machines in the market:

Treadmills are excellent for providing a whole body cardio workout. It is also useful if you want to train for a road race by adjusting the incline levels to mimic that of the outdoors.

Elliptical machines are your better options if you want a piece of equipment with less impact on the joints. For this machine to work, you have to move eliptically while standing on the foot pedals correctly. As with any fitness machine, it is essential to exercise proper form.

Conversely, many people prefer to use stationary upright bikes because they add more selection in combination with the treadmill. Plus, you are sitting down, allowing yourself to be more passive. Its lower impact on the body may be a smart choice for individuals as well who undergo therapy for their knee injuries since this equipment is conditioning knee muscles without putting pressure on the joints.

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It is recommended to spend 30 minutes on the stationary bike to meet the ideal cardio requirements daily. For each session, you have the option to adjust the tension settings. These are similar to the gears found in regular bikes and can be used to increase the intensity of your workout.

Checklist Before Buying Cardio Equipment

To be able to maintain the habit of exercising regularly, fitness machines can often be of help to you even at your living space. It is general knowledge that those who have their equipment at home have been able to stick to their routines better. Here are the things that you need to consider before buying cardio exercise equipment.

What Activities Do You Want To Do?

Before you go shopping, think of the exercises you want to do to succeed in your fitness goal. If you prefer walking, jogging and running, then a treadmill is the perfect one for you. If you prefer cross-country skiing, you may try elliptical trainers. If you prefer cycling and you want to be more comfortable when you are working out, go with a stationary bike.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Some cardio machines can be folded, which can save storage space. An excellent example of this is the mostly used treadmill. And even if the elliptical trainer requires a more substantial area, this machine gives you the advantage of upper and lower body workout, equating to an excellent overall exercise.

The least equipment that requires space is the stationary bike. It will be easy for you to read magazines and books, and even watch TV while you’re using it. If you prefer doing the same stuff as the ones I’ve just mentioned, then the stationary bike is the right equipment for you.

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How Much Is Your Budget?

You need to determine what you can pay for. With this in mind, it is best not to go straight to the cheapest option since common issues like missing parts, assembling difficulty, and damage to brittle or plastic parts during shipping, among others, may occur.

On the other hand, going for the most expensive models may not be the best idea either because the most expensive ones are typically semi-commercial or commercial-use products, which will be far more than you need. Gyms will usually have these types since they are made for being used all day long by maybe 20+ people every single day. You don’t need to pay an extra $1000 or $2000 for slightly better features and specifications.

Your best bet will be a high-quality mid-range machine, no matter if it is a treadmill or an elliptical trainer or a bike. Fitness Rentals have carefully selected fully featured, high-quality mid-range devices at affordable rates.

Is There A Warranty Or Return Policy?

Whether you want to buy a piece of equipment online or offline, you should only do it when you know that the seller has a good return policy or at least a warranty to give to you. No matter how good the products of most brands are, there are times when a faulty one gets in the mix. If you happen to obtain the latter type, they should be willing to replace that for you or reimburse your money.

Final Thoughts

Any cardio exercise equipment does not usually come cheap, even if it’s for home use only. You need to invest in one that: 1) will not break after a month or two, and 2) allow you to improve your mood and well-being.

Good luck!